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Is it time to move over to the PS3?

Is it time to move over to the PS3?

An Xbot’s take on why the time is now right for Xbox 360 gamers to seriously consider getting rid of their 360’s and purchasing a PS3

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Open peripherals
As mentioned earlier, the ability to upgrade your PS3’s internal hard drive with any 2.5” SATA drive (basically any laptop hard drive), is indicative of Sony’s open policy to 3rd party accessories.  It seems weird that an evil corporation such as Sony would allow this, but I for one won’t complain.  The PS3 will connect with any Bluetooth device, so I can use my Bluetooth headset with my phone, my Mac and my PS3.  The same is true with webcams.  Pretty much any USB webcam will connect with the PS3 and allow for group video chats and in game video support.

Media centre support
As the only console to fully support DivX codecs, as well as a whole range of audio, image and video files, the PS3 combines its Blu Ray player to stand out as a great media centre for your lounge room.  And with the impending release of PlayTV, the twin HD television tuner, we can soon record our favourite free-to-air shows and then store them on our internal drive or any USB drive we connect to the console.

The PS3 doesn’t suffer the hardware issues the 360 does.  Nuff said!

Who needs Achievements? I for one do. But with the release of the trophy system on PSN, we Xbots will now be able to enjoy the satisfaction of getting trophies for our efforts.

The fact is that there are only two reasons for most of us to stick with the Xbox 360. One being that we have a regular groups of friends that we play with each night and the other, more importantly, our gamer scores. This reason above all else is probably what keeps us hooked. All those hours spent slogging through single player campaigns or online co-op has a numerical representation that we feel would be difficult to let go of.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to make the switch to the PS3?


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